Get down to data analysis faster!

A versatile data consolidation solution with visual data exploration.
Available as a self-hosted installation and in the cloud.
  • Comprehensive connectivity
    Enrich your self-service analytics with an ability to query multiple databases, parse various flat files formats, import data from Google Sheets and MS Excel files, and fetch data from an unlimited number of REST API and SOAP-based web apps.
  • Data type recognition
    Turn semi-structured and unstructured datasets into properly formatted structured assets. TABLUM uses an intelligent algorithm to determine data structures and types while fetching, parsing or loading data from various data sources.
  • Rich transformation
    Leverage dozens of transformation functions to turn your data into the form you want. With a click of a mouse, apply aggregation, pivot, joins, union, regular expressions, and more. Extend data transformation using SQL queries with all features of a columnar OLAP ClickHouse database management system.
  • Data pipeline orchestration
    Schedule and automate your data preparation jobs by chaining them together in sequential order. Leverage comprehensive APIs to make TABLUM a part of your data applications or seamlessly integrate it into your enterprise infrastructure.
  • Data caching layer
    Enable your data application with a high-performance data caching layer and reduce the load on your database infrastructure with TABLUM storage powered by a high-performance ClickHouse database.
  • Active profiling
    See and explore your data through rich and interactive visualization to assist in the discovery, cleansing, and transformation. Visual representations and visualized key statistics on the datasets help you profile and interpret large volumes of data with ease.
  • Collaboration
    TABLUM enables users to collaborate on the datasets in real-time or to create copies for others to use for independent work. Instant data sharing with external data services and BI platforms via a common ClickHouse database interface.

Data Access

Load and access your data with "no-code"

‣ Load data from local and remote files

‣ Query data from SQL databases

‣ Import data from Google Sheets

‣ Fetch data from SaaS services via REST APIs & SOAP

Visual Data Exploration

Interactive visualization to assist in the discovery, cleansing, and transformation.

‣ Excel-like spreadsheets with formatting

‣ Charts: line chart, bar chart, scatter plot, treemap, pie chart, heat map, and others

‣ Pivot tables

‣ No-code data aggregation, sorting, filtering

‣ Powerful SQL console to explore data deeper

Versatile Connectivity

Hundreds of ways to ingest your data.

‣ SQL Databases: Postgres, ClickHouse, MS SQL, MySQL

‣ Data loader and parser of arbitrary text data

‣ Universal Google Sheets connector: one to many docs

‣ Unlimited REST API & SOAP service support

‣ HTTP Client with Parser for XML, JSON, TS and CSV data

TABLUM can query data on demand or run scheduled queries.

Flat File Import

Loading plain data has never been so easy!

‣ Data loading from CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON, ODT, LOGS

‣ Instant Clipboard data access

‣ Custom text data parsing via regular expressions

‣ Automatic data structuring and type recognition

Embedded Data Storage

TABLUM comes with high-performance data storage.

‣ Provides data caching functionality as middleware
‣ Enables OLAP-server functionality for data apps
‣ Provides real-time data sharing via ClickHouse interface
Available as self-hosted and cloud
  • Cloud
    Online (cloud) version of TABLUM.IO is available via You can register an account using your email or a social account (Google, Facebook) and start to work instantly.
  • Self-Hosted
    Self-hosted (on your server) installation is available as a Docker container. It could be run on any port and web UI is available via HTTPS. Installation and configuration time is about 6 minutes.
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